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Free Ken Stillman DVDs!!!!

Interested?!?!? Here at BalloonClick.com we are awfully fresh and we are looking to create some buzz about all the fantastic things we have to offer. We would love for all of you to get involved and in return we will be hosting a monthly raffle for our registered members. There will be separate raffles, for each our Silver members and our Gold members. Starting July 1st, which is today through the entire month we will be hosting a raffle to win instructional DVDs by Ken Stillman. There will be one winner from each membership level. Silver will receive any single DVD of their choice and, in appreciation for their support, Gold will will receive any two DVDs of their choice. We will be keeping track of all who participate in this event and we will announce the winner via video on Aug 1st sometime during the day(our time). There are a few things we would like from the participants: Like us on FaceBook, if you don’t already, Join the group BalloonClick.com on FaceBook, and Leave a comment in the comment field below or in any other comment field on our home page. Thank you for your contribution, we appreciate it dearly. :)

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