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Interview with David Brenion

While we were on the road in 2012 we had the opportunity to interview a good friend of ours, David Brenion. David is an award winning balloon artist, spectacular performer, and a well established instructor in the field of balloon arts. The latest installment of David Brenion’s best-selling instructional videos is coming out this April… and it’s HUGE! Jumbos are larger than life decor with tons of character. Add these amazing designs to your entertainment packages for major impact!
Please visit David Brenion’s website @ http://niftyballoons.com and check out Nifty Balloons Tutorials Enjoy!

One Response to “Interview with David Brenion”

  • Jimmie Whitworth

    Great Interview.
    Ken your site is really growing and taking shape lots of info, instructions etc. You have a great team for a bunch of unemployed in-laws šŸ™‚

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