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Becoming a member of BalloonClick will grant access to all of our tutorials along with pdf sticker downloads and all of Ken Stillman’s Awesome Balloon Books in pdf format, which are yours to keep wether you remain a member or not. Members pay by the month and there is no obligation to stay. Check it out for a month to see if you like it. If your not happy, then cancel your payment. We are sure you will be happy with what you get 🙂

Please Read Thoroughly Before Payment!!!

Directions for Joining

  1. Please fill out the Registration Form. This must be done first before paying.
  2. Click the Subscribe button, at the bottom of this page to set up payment. You will be taken to Paypal to set up payment.
  3. After payment you will be sent back to another registration form on BalloonClick. DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS AT THIS POINT!!! You must fill out your previous registration information. This is the form that activates your account with us. If you click any links at this point your account will not activate and you can not return to the activation registration form.

$10 a month

14 Responses to “Become a Member”

  • Lois Sprague

    Love Balloonclick! Great idea!
    Love Ken’s work.

    Attended his Super Hero class , near Rochester, N.Y., several years ago.

    Also, learned his life like Princess’s at Twist n’ Shout.
    Hope he’s at Twist n’ Shout 2012.

    Keep up the good work!

    Lois Sprague

  • Thank you Lois

  • What are the hours of your class 2 in Sacramento?

    I totally want to be there!!!

    Lisa the Balloonista aka Dbb

  • Just Signed up for Denver!!! — My kiddos just watched and learned from your superhero’s CD.

    Safe Journey!! See you soon!!

  • I am very happy to have joined the gold club. It is a very reasonable price to learn so much. It is also a great idea and a fun place to practice. Thanks. Cecelia

  • Ken, I also like the site but I have been a member for only a couple days now, and I have covered I think, everything. True, I will continue to re-watch the videos, and read the tips, but how often are new ideas, models, tips and new materials added? If not often, what would be the incentive to continue another month? Just wondering, since I am new here. I have certainly enjoyed the few days.


  • Hey Randy,
    First of all I want to thank you for supporting balloonclick.com
    Our members make it possible for us to put out fresh ideas at a very reasonable cost.
    My current DVDs sell for 35 to 50 dollars and come out about every 2 years.
    With Balloon Click I am able to put out new content every month.
    Hang in there, I don’t believe you will regret your membership.
    Ken Sillman

  • KEN,


  • George Gilchrist

    Please cancel my membership..thanks

  • Was at Twist and Shout in St. Louis, great classes. Learned a lot

  • Do you have a list of whats availabe in the Gold membership?

  • Hi Sue
    Thank you for your inquiry,
    It keeps us on our toes.
    We have made some changes to the site and forgot to show the book downloads for gold members. Gold members can download all six of my out of print books as pdf files. If these books were available today their cost together would be well over 100.00.
    At the moment we do not have a list of videos,
    but you can see what is available by the clicking Video Tutorials _Gold button.
    Thank you again for your support.

  • Judy Judy Riggs

    Why isn’t the balloon workshop a friend here on balloonclick?

  • Marcela Aristizabal

    no puedo ver los videos y soy miembro oro

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