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Ninja Turtle

15 Responses to “Ninja Turtle”

  • fantastic sculpture …any plans to make winnie the phoo

  • Hey Tony, I am just getting used to our new website. I have made your request a high priority.
    I am working on some new videos and I will put it in the queue.

  • This is a awesome site Ken many thanks

  • Balloonclick

    I am committed to make it the most valuable resource in the balloon community. I am thankful for your support. The ninja turtle head is not a new technique, but it is the easiest assembly of distortion to make a head that I have ever seen. You will see it again for human heads on the prince video that I will be releasing soon. Please let the balloon community know through any avenues you have that you like this site. Many thanks, Ken Stillman

  • I have left a post on http://www.balloonchat.com I hope you get loads of members .. Maybe it’s worth asking Graham to put something up on t.he forum .

  • Darren Atkins

    Hi Tony, I saw your post on balloon chat.co.uk and here I am. Ken, thanks for all your efforts – I can’t wait to see what material is coming.
    Best wishes Darren

  • Hi Darren how are you buddy glad to see you joined kens fab site I been a huge fan of his since I got started not yet had the pleasure of meeting him yet …

  • Balloonclick

    Tony, Thank you for posting on balloonchat.com. I have gotten a lot of responses and I am very grateful. I will be coming to Holland in October. I will contact Graham and see if he would sponsor me in the UK. I would love to see you there.

  • Balloonclick

    Darren, It is my pleasure to provide you with my very best. Please spread the word. I have to go now and finish the prince video. I will get it up asap.
    Ken Stillman

  • Wow, really gonna like this site… Thank you for getting it started…

  • Balloonclick

    Michael, Welcome aboard , I will be working hard to make it worth your while.
    l am happy to see you here!

  • Darren Atkins

    Ken, I am struggling to find a UK supplier for 18″ lime green round balloons. Are you able to recommend a US supplier who stocks these balloons and will ship to the UK?

  • Darren Atkins

    Ken, I’ve finally made your turtle. It took me around 4 hours and I got very frustrated with the head. Wow that is tough. Finally I am really pleased with the result. An absolutely amazing design… thanks soooo much.

  • Darren You are soooooo welcome!
    It gets easier every time you make the head so keep practicing!

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