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Prerelease for Monster Machines until mid February

In mid february we will be releasing to the public, available on DVD, Ken Stillman’s 360 Monster Machines along with what was only available on DVD while we were on the road last year Ken Stillman’s Space Madness. For those of you that are Gold members, Space Madness is already available to you through your membership via streaming video and so will 360 Monster Machines be available to you, given in time. The pre-sale copies of these DVD’s will be Signed by Ken Stillman and will have a discount of $10 with no shipping cost in the Continental US ($10 shipping outside the US). Get them quick this will only last shortly.

One Response to “Prerelease for Monster Machines until mid February

  • I’m so thankful to be a gold member of Balloonclick! I have learned so many awesome balloon creations that are great $ makers.
    Thank you so much Stillman team you all are totally Awesome!
    Love Ya!

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