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Coming soon

7 Responses to “Coming soon”

  • Teresa Quevedo

    Hi!!! I would love to learn different types of balloon weaving, I have some tutorials, very simple ones though, to share if you need them. I find so many fascinating stuff on the web that makes me think on how much is always there to learn….

  • Hi Teresa,
    We have do some weaving in the queue. I hope to have some guest appearances of those that came up with them in the future.

  • I went to your class in Pocatello and loved the bow and arrow you did. By the time I got home mine had popped, and I was sad. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on the bow and arrow. Much appreciate. Thank you again for your wonderful class. It was most eventful. Cecelia

  • I have tried to see some of the videos and it says I have the wrong membership. I joined todays as a gold one abd don’t understand. l ove the site. bumbles

  • will love to see differents hair styles for small princess with 11″ round blush head

  • New to this.. Is there any life size bride and groom like the princess?? A friends wedding in September and I’d love to have a go for her..

  • Hi Audrey, The third row down under characters the second video to the right is a prince.

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