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Rumba Report #1: White Paint pens for Balloon Jobs

Ok, so every time you need a white paint pen somebody is glad to sell you an Edding 750 0r 751 …… for $11 – $14. I say for that price it should come with lubrication. Then I thought I bet I could get a paint pen, screwed over for less money, from right here. Leave Germany out of it good for foreign relations and save money. Soooooooooo here’s what you can get right here for $4 0r $5 .

Sharpie Paint white: covers ok but watery, not thick, runs faster than pantyhose. By the time it dries the 4yr.old is out of College

Elmer’s Painters: Covers great but if not dry wipes off faster than kids nose. Dries slower too

DecoColor ID Solid Stick: Don’t have to shake, blunt tip, drys fast, but who cares cause you can’t see it & have to press so hard. For that you need vitamins. Then after that it can rub off .

Galaxy: runs faster than diarrhea

Balloon Marker: works as well as Galaxy needs balloon Pepto

Wet Erase Marker: does what it sez is wet & erases ( what @#$! Idea was this )

Erasable Tote Marker: writes faint & that’s what you’ll do after you use it & guess what ? Yeah, it erases . (some sonofaB@#$% said erase markers worked on balloons)

Painters: covers well but doesn’t dry quite as fast as you would like. It’s OK if you’ve got the time while waiting for your mailman.

Duct Tape paint marker: OMG this is it! Does what you want. Dries fast, covers really well, tip is great size. Comes in different colors. So besides making different faces for balloon characters you can highlight your balloon dress or maybe your Duct Tape Prom Dress or a combo of the two. Ladies I’ve got tuxes & zoot suits if you want a zoot suit riot escort. Faboooooooooo

Send in other marker tips good or bad to make our balloon lives easier

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3 Responses to “Rumba Report #1: White Paint pens for Balloon Jobs”

  • Great. Love your crazy comments. I will try the duct tape idea. Hope it works. Thanks, Cecelia

  • Hello,
    I just bought some Duct tape markers and they
    Work pretty good, I’ve been having a problem with them not keeping a steady flow when putting my doll
    Eyes on my figures. Does any one else have the same problems

  • I sometimes use Marabu DecoPainter. They work great, water based, cover well, dry very fast, 3 tip sizes, 28 colours, but they only come in matte. German brand, so i don’t know if you can get them outside Europe. Marabu has different water based markers like for porcelain, glass, … I’m still testing them, keep you informed.

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